Cleaning the Cooling Equipment at Mom’s Beach House

It’s not just the air conditioning that rusts on these houses however anything that is outside & is metal is usually rusty too.

I told my Heating, Ventilation, & A/C tech friend about my mom’s AC compressor rusting outside & he told me the people I was with and I need to rinse it down every day when it is windy because it blows the salt air around more. I didn’t even know about something like this however it does make sense so I am going to get mom & dad to rinse it each windy day with water from the garden hose. I bet it will help a lot with the rusting concern they are having with all of the air conditioning compressors they have had installed over the past many years. They live genuinely close to the Gulf of Mexico & when the wind is blowing & the waves are crashing, the salt spray travels with the help of the wind & gets onto the AC compressor in their backyard. I’ve observed salt spray on my car before when I parked it at their home for the weekend so it does make sense. It’s not just the air conditioning that rusts on these houses however anything that is outside & is metal is usually rusty too. I would like to clean her home too while the people I was with and I are spraying the AC component because she has a lot of metal screws & fasteners around the home that could rust too if sprayed too several times with the salt water. This is one of the disadvantages of residing close to the ocean however it is worth it in the end. I will go buy a HEPA filter today for my mom & replace her old AC filter with it.


A New Ceiling Fan Made all the Difference in the World

The air conditioning in my home office wasn’t cooling me down genuinely well so my cousin purchased a new ceiling fan because the old one was dying & barely doing anything to cool me down.

This new ceiling fan feels like a hurricane in the home office so now my room is nice & cool & I am sleeping a lot better because of it.

I know there are way too several vents in this home & the air handler isn’t strong enough to push air satisfactoryly throughout the house. I am not undoubtedly sure if it is because her compressor is too small or the air handler isn’t big enough however the people I was with and I ended up closing a few of the vents & the concern seems to be solved. There are a total of many vents in this 1200 SF home & to me that seems like too several for a home this size. I’m not an Heating, Ventilation, & A/C tech or anything however if you put your hand up to the vent in my home office you can barely feel the air flowing from it. I believe I could always seal off a few of the vents & patch up the ceiling, that shouldn’t take too long to do. I believe the people I was with and I should have purchased a larger air handler or air conditioning compressor & then the many vents wouldn’t be an issue. I know I will get my Heating, Ventilation, & A/C specialist friend to come over & take a look at it, I’m sure he will know how to solve the problem. He’s been working in the field forever.

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Body is a Tad Bit Sore From so Much Heating, Ventilation and A/C Repair Work

I’m in pretty nice shape for an Heating, Ventilation and A/C tech.

I workout each afternoon, do monthly yoga, and eat a clean diet.

Yet when I toil a lot outside on the Heating, Ventilation and A/C AC compressor, like I have been doing the past week, our 55 year aged body feels pretty sore. My lower back is doing okay though thanks to all of the yoga I’ve been doing over the past 12 years. I highly request doing yoga each afternoon. Just start with 1 minute a afternoon for a month and then go to many minutes a afternoon for a month and so on up to 15 minutes. I had to toil on the Heating, Ventilation and A/C program the other afternoon and was bent over for long periods of time however our lower back was nice the next afternoon. Just do 1 pose and hold it for 30 minutes then switch sides and do another 30 minutes and build from there. I had to clean the ductwork a few months ago, which took me all afternoon and involved a lot of bending over and lifting, yet I had no pain in our lower back at all the following afternoon. Before doing yoga I would be using ice and painkillers the next afternoon because of all of the pain. Sorry if I sound like I’m preaching. I taught it to our Heating, Ventilation and A/C corporation owner neighbor and he told me it is the best thing he has ever done for himself, so it isn’t just me who thinks it is great. I am going to replace the heat pump this month and don’t have to worry about back pain afterwards, thanks to yoga!

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We are Looking for the Most Efficient Heating, Ventilation and A/C Brand Out There

Well, the time has come to replace our aged Heating, Ventilation and A/C component and we have been looking at the best Heating, Ventilation and A/C brands with the highest SEER ratings. I don’t want to have to cringe each time the power bill comes so I am going to get the best brand with the highest efficiency and not have to worry about turning on the component to keep us comfortable. I saved a lot of currency over the past few years and can get a entirely nice component soon. I want the best smart control component currency can buy and I also want zoned cooling and heating for our cabin as we only use particular rooms while we were in particular times of the afternoon. I just want to program it 1 time and then not have to worry about increasing it anymore. I assume we can get it installed next month while the weather is still mild and before the heat of the Summer comes back again. I want something that can remove the humidity from the cabin and also something that can clean the air legitimately well. I may even need to buy a whole cabin whole-house air purifier because we get a lot of traffic down our road and sometimes I can smell the fumes from the buses and cars as they pass. We keep the windows open sometimes for fresh air and maybe just need to keep them closed and run the fan on the Heating, Ventilation and A/C unit. I will make sure we have a HEPA filter in the program too because they catch lots of the smells.


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Off to the Local Contractor to Line up Some A/C Repair

Summer is almost here plus the outside temps are hitting close to 100 F during the day.

Our a/c decided it needed a chop from cooling the house during one of the hottest times of the year.

I am going to have to get it fixed today or both of us will need to rent a hotel room until it is fixed because there is no way both of us will be able to sleep in this house without a/c. I bet the house will get up to 90 F or more during the day plus it won’t cool off much more than that at evening. The people I was with and I have ceiling fans however they will just blow around the already overheated air that is in the house plus not do much at all to cool us down. Actually, that is called forced air convection, plus it is how you cook a turkey in an oven so a/c is a must. I don’t guess how they slept before Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C came out however somehow they managed. I guess they had those huge attic fans that would pull in the air through the windows plus somewhat cool down the house, however when it was actually overheated out I don’t think it did much. I’m going to the local business today to talk to them about getting our A/C fixed today plus what kind of price they would charge to put us in front of all of the other clients. At this point I actually don’t care what it costs, I just want to have frigid air tonight when I sleep.

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Can’t Wait for Our Fish Dinner Tonight at my Buddy’s House

I have a busy day today with work however once I am done both of us are in for a fine fish supper this evening at my friend’s house.

He works at a university plus teaches Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C repairs to students plus has known me for most of my life. He occasionally helps me with laboring on my Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C method when I have a problem and, in return, I help him with painting his house when he needs it. I also was a roofing company so when he has a roof leak I usually come over there plus service it for him. He just got a brand up-to-date Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C unit with a actually high SEER rating plus I want to ask him what his power bill was Last month because both of us had a actually high bill plus I am wondering if both of us need to replace our unit soon. The people I was with and I have saved some money over the past few years for things adore this plus if both of us need to get a up-to-date one soon it won’t chop us. I may get a gas furnace next time because both of us have an aged oil furnace plus it smells quite a bit when it is heating the house. It seems adore there is something leaking plus making a burning smell so maybe it is time to just get a up-to-date unit plus be done with all of this. I am also sleepy of worrying about getting the oil tank outside filled when it is low as it is a small tank plus runs out of oil pretty hastily.

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Should have hired the professional immediately

For a long time I just didn’t have any kind of heating in the family room.

It was a problem in the Winter due to how chilly it got.

I would put a space oil furnace on the family room table and I just hated it. Finally I decided that I was going to buy a ductless mini split. I found a guy online that was willing to install a mini split at half the price any Heating & A/C corporation quoted me. I thought I was getting such a deal. The guy brought a mini split brand I had never heard of and seemed to struggle installing it. He took the currency and then left. I swiftly realized that the mini split wouldn’t turn on. I had no heating or cooling, just an ugly component on the wall. I called and called however the guy never answered me back. He totally scammed me! I ended up needing to call a real Heating & A/C company to come into my home and fix the damage. This Heating & A/C professional told me every one of us had to start over. Apparently the brand the other guy used was garbage. The guy also installed the wiring exposed to the elements. There also was a drip within my wall that would have created water damage and rot. The professional Heating & A/C worker took everything down and started fresh. I now have a perfectly laboring Heating & A/C component and no potential damage to my home. It cost me so much currency once I factored in paying for the lazy bum. I should have hired a licensed Heating & A/C professional from the start.


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The people I was with and I need zone control for our temperature differences

My hubby and I have typically struggled with how to set our thermostat! For a while it was the source of our largest fights! To put it simply, my hubby wants A/C and I want heating, it is never straight-forward choosing a medium temperature, then on chilly nights my hubby is in his glory; He feels every one of us should just leave the thermostat at cooling and just deal with the day chill.

I want to start my day with heating and then just not have A/C the rest of the day. I don’t mind the home being a little hot… My hubby absolutely does. The people I was with and I have looked into possibilities to stop the fighting. Turns out there is a plan that allows homeowners to set personalized temperature spots. There is Heating & A/C zone control that works with any ductless system, but you get several indoor air handlers in the home and mount them in each room. Every indoor air handler gets its own thermostat and connects to a single outdoor unit, with Heating & A/C zone control a homeowner can set their family room to a low temperature and have the A/C going however prefer heating in the residing room, but pretty neat right? Zone control is said to save currency as well. You don’t need to worry about providing Heating & A/C to unused rooms anymore, also, not every room all day needs to have quality heating and air. My hubby and I don’t even share a family room due to temperature preferences. It would be nice to have heating at night. My hubby wouldn’t be bothered at all and I would only pay to heat my room.

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Sassy smart thermostat does its own programs

I believe I got a sassy smart thermostat when I bought one.

I study online that the thermostats are smart in that they learn your heating plus cooling behaviors.

Also, the thermostat tries to set energy efficient temperatures for you. It is all to help you save money plus be more convenient. I realized abruptly that my thermostat isn’tbeing helpful, however being nasty to me. My thermostat genuinely likes making a heating plus cooling program that is awful. This Wintertide I noticed that my thermostat just wasn’t heating the lake house from midnight to 3 am. Also around 3pm the thermostat decided to set my temperature at a super moderate 70 degrees. It just randomly ups plus lowers the temperature that I want. I have found that 82 degrees is my sweet spot. I want every room to be at that temperature all afternoon long. If that means heating or cooling, it doesn’t matter. My thermostat disagrees with that. When I finally notice myself chilly or covered in sweat, I need to go into my thermostat app plus delete the made program. Is that energy efficiency or does the thermostat genuinely believe I love chilly at 3am? I haven’t heard of any other smart thermostat users with these difficulties. Twice a year I need to retrain my thermostat to 82 degrees all afternoon long. I don’t want to be energy smart plus save money. At the end of the afternoon I just want to be comfortable at my desk plus in my bed. I am willing to spend my savings more money to have that comfort.



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Glad I changed to a smart thermostat

I have been redoing all the rooms in the house.

I option a space plus totally revamp it.

The dining rooms get new windows, carpets, paint plus lights. I even change the outlet guts plus switch plates. I want my lake house to look current plus brand new. I am now currently working in my hallway. I have changed the hallway runner to cement plus painted the walls. The popcorn ceiling was scraped plus sanded smooth. I paid extra to have recessed lighting plus a smart smoke detector. The last touch was adding a better thermostat. I had a beige thermostat with a plastic toggle. You could change the temperature by moving it from the 60, 70, 78, plus 90 degree range. There were no precise temperature settings plus it was genuinely easy to bump that toggle. I would frequently notice that the lake house felt super moderate plus realized that I hit the toggle to 90. Who would ever want that to start with? Anyway, I ripped out the old thermostat plus replaced it with a current smart thermostat. Now it is a silver thermostat with a red innerface. I can gently turn the dial if I want to adjust my heating plus cooling. What is genuinely great is that I only do it from my phone now. I can kneel in bed plus decide I want to raise plus lower the temperature. I get text alerts on air filter swings, humidity troubles, energy efficient settings plus the weather outside. My thermostat was such a nice purchase. It looks great plus functions even better.

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