Enjoying it More as the Weather is Cooling Down Now

Today is the first of October and both of us have finally turned the corner with the temps dropping.

It was a long tepid warm season but we all can now appreciate the colder weather as well as turn off the A/C for once.

The electric rates have gone absurd here andI am glad to turn off the heating, ventilation, and A/C system for a bit to get a little reprieve with the bills. These past several months were the most I’ve ever paid for my power bills by almost double the amount. I’m beginning to think something is wrong with my heating, ventilation, and A/C unit as I used a lot more power this cycle, much more than I have ever used before. I think I could contact the heating, ventilation, and A/C rep who helped me get this component a couple years ago and try to see what he has to say. Maybe the smart temperature control isn’t calibrated anymore as it seems to be a lot colder in my flat than it used to be, although I have the temperature control set to the same temp as before. It just feels a lot colder in my flat when I set the temperature control to 19C like I’ve been doing for years. It could be that the coils of the compressor are dirty as well as not cooling as efficiently as they once did. However, we will have to get a heating, ventilation, and A/C tech in here to check it out. The renters should have a repair plan for our heating, ventilation, and A/C system in our building as there are numerous of them and it seems nobody has been around in a while to look at the HVAC units.


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Five More to Go and I Get to Rest my Eyes a Bit

I’m ready for some sky as well as some clouds soon, as I have been staring at this PC for too many minutes this afternoon.

I have another minute of work and then I am going to hit the beach and just chill out.

My heating, ventilation, and A/C tech dude is meeting myself and others on the beach later for a workout, as well as maybe even a little volleyball. Although I don’t think just yet, as there could be a rugby tournament on the beach again. The local supplier was slammed in the store with players also. The two of us went out to play on our little beach yesterday and there were 75 rugby players playing on the same small beach so both of us had to set the net up elsewhere. I need to wander down to the heating corp later and try to grab a couple washable HEPA filters and then head to the local supplier to get a light bulb. That is about the extent of my shopping for this week and the rest of the time is going to be spent on the coast relaxing with some friends. Today is Sunday and there is a wine tasting thing going on later so I may hit that event as well and see what is up. I need to get this HEPA filter installed first though because I want to run my A/C later, however I don’t have a filter in the component right now. The outdated filter was drying last night on the balcony and my sweet dog discovered it and then turned it into a big pile of fluff. My dog loves to ruin the extravagant things as well as not touch the cheap toys I buy him.

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Six More Heating, ventilation, and A/C Equipment Articles and I’m Outta Here

I think the next flat I rent will have a central heating, ventilation, and A/C system and will be on the top floor of the building as I have always wanted a rooftop flat

This is nice, I am warming my frigid feet with the A/C adapter for my Chromebook. It puts out a nice amount of heat and why waste it. I need to buy another pair of those moderately warm wool socks at the dollar store near me. The only problem I had with them is they wore out quickly because I slide when I walk on my radiant heated floors. I have those fake wood floors and they are truly slick, and I like to slide my feet when I walk so my footsteps don’t bother the people below me. The heating, ventilation, and A/C pro and his partner live below us here and I like to try and be as quiet as I can when walking around the flat. I’ve had neighbors before, who lived above myself and others, with little kids and you could hear them all afternoon as they trotted along the floors playing. I’m blessed now because the guy above us three lives alone and he runs a local supplier that keeps him at work most of the time. I think I won’t always be this blessed though so I need to appreciate the peace and quiet. I think the next flat I rent will have a central heating, ventilation, and A/C system and will be on the top floor of the building as I have always wanted a rooftop flat. I’m sure it will cost more currency, although I am worth it, and I will just get a roommate to help split the cost of it. My heating, ventilation, and A/C rep buddy told me he may want to rent with me one day in the near future.


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2023 is Going to Be a Good Year for Making Money

I assume that 2022 was so terrible with inflation that all the people, including the world itself, will be ready for a fresh change and that 2023 is going to be a year of shift in the markets.

It may not come till the warm season of next year, although I think it is going to be a weird story next year with investing.

This means that now is the time to grab shares and coins and put them away for safekeeping till they bloom next year. All of us here can all make some currency next year and be better off than we were this year, I believe. I really hope we all do. I would like to get a newer heating, ventilation, and A/C system installed by the end of next year, or possibly the start of 2024. 2024 sounds so far away, however in reality it is only a little more than a year from now. I am going to try and get a little job next year at the heating, ventilation, and A/C dealer’s shop and make a little more currency than this year. I’ve kind of just been gliding along making just enough to survive, however next year I would like to have a little buffer in the bank in case something pops up requiring funds. I’m getting a flatmate soon and am going to use that extra currency to buy more coins over the next 13 months. It’s kind of like a bank account that earns a nice amount of interest. And if we happen to have a major bull run that interest can be quite a big chunk, however time is always the foreseer.

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Cats are Back on the Home Air Purifier Again Asleep

I have recently opened my sliding glass doors so the cats can go out and get some fresh air and sunshine. I think that they are okay and won’t jump off the seventh floor balcony, because I have seen various other cats kneeling on balconies in local suppliers and homes around me. They normally hang out on the air cleaner in the afternoon, although I would like for them to experience a bit of the outdoors, without sauntering the streets picking up dirt and fleas. I’m watching them each afternoon to see how they act on the balcony and they usually seem to be safe and relaxed, mainly kneeling in the sun on the floor of the balcony. I asked my heating and cooling expert friend, who has three or four cats of her own, and she told myself and others once they are older they should be okay kneeling on the balcony during the afternoon. I close the doors at night because I think they might try to wander around outside if they find a way to jump from the balcony down to the next floor or wall. I have to go to the heating corp this week and get a new furnace filter for my heating, ventilation, and A/C system, as I noticed the other afternoon that I don’t even have a filter in the gas furnace at all. I think it was taken out at one point for cleaning and then I forgot to put it back in. This is why I am thinking about getting a repair plan with the heating, ventilation, and A/C corporation, so I don’t have to remember to clean it myself.


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Making a Veggie Burger and Some Eggs This Morning

It’s a fresh new afternoon and I am starting off the month with a nice vegetarian lunch, that is, if you call eggs vegetarian. I think eggs should be in the gray section when it comes to vegetarianism or not as they absolutely aren’t meat and don’t contain any dairy. They are basically just blobs of protein and fat packaged neatly in a sealed basket that doesn’t even need to be refrigerated. Did you think that? I sometimes leave eggs on the counter for a month or more and they are still fine. My heating, ventilation, and A/C rep told myself and others that in the US you should refrigerate those eggs and in Europe you don’t need to because of the prep in each country. That sounds kind of funny to me, however I’ll still keep them on the shelf in my pantry. The pantry is much cooler than the rest of the living room and in my condo I usually run the A/C all season, so my condo stays nice and cool. I am going to start limiting my A/C usage though because I just got an absurdly high power bill this past month and am going to have to slow down with the heating and cooling usage. I think the rates have gone up almost double this past year so it is going to take a big bite out of my paycheck if I run the heating, ventilation, and A/C system too much. I will get some more fans for the warmer season, and as far as winter goes I’ll have to just wear more clothes in the home. It all works out somehow.



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Where Will Heating, Ventilation, and A/C Technology Be in Twenty Five Years?

Can you imagine what the heating, ventilation, and A/C industry and the new HVAC components will be like in 25 more years? I would imagine that by then they will have gone much greener with the heating and cooling equipment.

  • Heating of homes will undoubtedly be done by solar and cooling will undoubtedly utilize water and wind somehow.

I think that there is a way to heat and cool homes without using any power, we just have to crack the code first. Imagine not having a power bill anymore? I’m sure all of the transferation will be electric by then as the world is getting close to it now. I can’t wait for electric buses and motorcycles whizzing by my balcony without a sound. Air conditioning and heating will come a long way in 25 or so years as it has over the last 25 years. I would like to be on the forefront of designing the HVAC components, as it is interesting to myself and others and I would like to do something that helps the planet become a better place. My friend works at the heating, ventilation, and A/C supplier near my flat and I may ask him about getting a job there to help them at the store. They do a lot of sales and repair and could undoubtedly use another set of hands to help them each afternoon as they are quite busy from what I can see. I would like to do some heating, ventilation, and A/C repair tasks in homes and supplier’s shops and help people become more comfortable while they are working or relaxing at home. Have a nice afternoon and see you soon.


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Buying More While in the Basement of This Long Crypto Winter

I don’t have much currency now, however I am putting in what I can each month from the task I do at the heating, ventilation, and A/C corp that is near me.

Now is the time to be buying cryptos as they have been down in the basement for so many months, just bobbling around and waiting for the winter to start thawing out. I think it will last a few more months or so and then it will take off again and leave a lot of people wondering why they didn’t buy when it was so low. I want to have 750 Compound coins when it’s all said and done and ride it till it reaches its peak, which will undoubtedly happen pretty quickly sometime in 2024 I am estimating. My heating, ventilation, and A/C pro friend told myself and others now is the time to be buying and acquiring as many coins as possible. I am going to take his word for it because he knows this industry quite well as he has a local supplier store that deals only with crypto investing. I don’t have much currency now, however I am putting in what I can each month from the task I do at the heating, ventilation, and A/C corp that is near me. I am also going to get a flatmate next month and drop that extra cash in Compound each month while it is still low. It was at almost $1230 a coin last year, however now it is down to about $44 so I am buying as many as I can afford. I will do more heating and cooling component repairs on the side to make even more currency to invest. If it doesn’t take off and ends up dropping more and not coming back, well then I am finished.

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Happy First of October From the Heating, Ventilation and A/C Techs

This month I have some fun things to look forward to. One of them is my buddy’s Halloween gathering in a few weeks, which is also the afternoon my dad was laid to rest in the cemetery. My dad wrote a book called Words From A Graveyard way back in 1968 and it is undoubtedly no coincidence that he was buried on Halloween Night. The book contains poems my dad wrote when he and my mom separated while we were both little kids. He worked in the heating, ventilation and A/C industry doing a lot of tasks on heating and cooling systems and set all of us kids up nicely down the road when we are all older. This is a nice thing because I was running my own local supplier shop back in the states for a while, but then I shut it down to pursue comedy, which needless to say hasn’t left me with so much currency anymore. This pursuit kind of derailed my currency making abilities, as I was an engineer but now no longer do it because I’ve been out of the field for too long and don’t like it anyways. I was building heating, ventilation, and A/C equipment, specializing in geothermal heat pumps and heated floor devices, however I left it all behind to pursue the performing arts. I didn’t make much currency doing stand up, however sometimes you’ve gotta starve to feed the world. I still dabble in the heating, ventilation, and A/C field nowadays doing smart temperature control programming and heat pump repairs. However, my main focus is still the arts, although now I have switched to a job in music. Have a nice one.

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Going to Train a Kid at the Beach Soon

I’ve become one of those outdated pro ballers that the kids all wanna be.

I used to play tournaments for years in beach volleyball and won currency and prizes over the years, however I never made it to the top level of pros.

I still had a good time playing and meeting all of the absurd and fun players over the years. I’ve had so many fond memories and experiences from the activity and am now helping kids learn it so they can get the same things. I work for the local supplier in my town selling heating, ventilation and A/C components, along with doing some repair calls on units in people’s homes. I also work for another local supplier selling surfboards and beach gear to the local surfers, which is a good deal as it gets myself and others around all of those carefree wave chasers. So this week I need to run to the heating, ventilation and A/C corporation and grab a gas furnace filter, as mine is shot and needs to be substituted. Then I am going to come to the condo and pack up my things and head to the beach to meet this child and talk to him about a training regime. My heating, ventilation and A/C tech friend is going to meet a few of us at the beach and then we are going to try and play some games if there are enough nets. Sometimes we have too many players and not enough nets, so who knows if I will play this week or not. I’ve been staying at home in the air conditioner and now it is time to go out and get some natural climate control and sunshine.

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