Body is a Tad Bit Sore From so Much HVAC Repair Work

I’m in pretty good shape for an HVAC tech. I workout each day, do daily yoga, and eat a clean diet. Yet when I work a lot outside on the HVAC AC compressor, like I have been doing the past week, my 55 year old body feels pretty sore. My lower back is doing okay though thanks to all of the yoga I’ve been doing over the past 12 years. I highly recommend doing yoga each day. Just start with one minute a day for a week and then go to two minutes a day for a week and so on up to 15 minutes. I had to work on the HVAC system the other day and was bent over for long periods of time but my lower back was fine the next day. Just do one pose and hold it for 30 seconds then switch sides and do another 30 seconds and build from there. I had to clean the ductwork a few months ago, which took me all day and involved a lot of bending over and lifting, yet I had no pain in my lower back at all the following day. Before doing yoga I would be using ice and painkillers the next day because of all of the pain. Sorry if I sound like I’m preaching. I taught it to my HVAC company owner friend and he told me it is the best thing he has ever done for himself, so it isn’t just me who thinks it is great. I am going to replace the heat pump this week and don’t have to worry about back pain afterwards, thanks to yoga!

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Cleaning the Cooling Equipment at Mom’s Beach House

I told my HVAC tech friend about my mom’s AC compressor rusting outside and he told me we need to rinse it down every day when it is windy because it blows the salt air around more. I didn’t even think about something like this but it does make sense so I am going to get mom and dad to rinse it each windy day with water from the garden hose. I bet it will help a lot with the rusting problem they are having with all of the air conditioning compressors they have had installed over the past several years. They live very close to the Gulf of Mexico and when the wind is blowing and the waves are crashing, the salt spray travels with the help of the wind and gets onto the AC compressor in their backyard. I’ve noticed salt spray on my car before when I parked it at their house for the weekend so it does make sense. It’s not just the air conditioner that rusts on these houses but anything that is outside and is metal is usually rusty too. I would like to clean her house too while we are spraying the AC unit because she has a lot of metal screws and fasteners around the house that could rust too if sprayed too many times with the salt water. This is one of the drawbacks of living close to the ocean but it is worth it in the end. I will go buy a HEPA filter today for my mom and replace her old AC filter with it.



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One of the Best Comedy Specials Ever Made

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve done standup comedy for 17 years and I have seen a ton of so-called comedians perform live in front of me.

I’ve also watched a lot of comedy and studied it very astutely. One of the best comics I’ve seen was George Carlin and his best special, in my opinion, was the special called Again from 1978. Check out his bit called “Time” if you don’t want to watch the whole special and look at his acting skills along with his comedy. He was the best back then before he got grumpy. My HVAC company owner has been doing comedy since I started, and he has made it a good career for him with both television and radio performances. I’ve not been so successful, but have had many great memories from it. I’m going to visit my buddy today at the local business to see if he wants to come to my mom’s house this weekend and watch that special with us. I think it is an hour and twenty minutes long and is packed with a lot of funny moments that I have never forgotten since watching it so long ago. Maybe my friend can come by early and help me clean my mom’s air conditioner before we watch the special. I think we could get it done pretty quickly and maybe even go for a walk on the beach to catch the sunset. My mom lives very close to the beach and has a problem with the salt air rusting the air conditioner compressor outside.



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Off to the Local Contractor to Line up Some AC Repair

Summer is almost here and the outside temps are hitting close to 100 F during the day. Our air conditioner decided it needed a break from cooling the house during one of the hottest times of the year. I am going to have to get it fixed today or we will need to rent a hotel room until it is fixed because there is no way we will be able to sleep in this house without air conditioning. I bet the house will get up to 90 F or more during the day and it won’t cool off much more than that at night. We have ceiling fans but they will just blow around the already hot air that is in the house and not do much at all to cool us down. Actually, that is called forced air convection, and it is how you cook a turkey in an oven so air conditioning is a must. I don’t know how they slept before HVAC came out but somehow they managed. I guess they had those big attic fans that would pull in the air through the windows and somewhat cool down the house, but when it was really hot out I don’t think it did much. I’m going to the local business today to talk to them about getting our AC fixed today and what kind of price they would charge to put us in front of all of the other customers. At this point I really don’t care what it costs, I just want to have cold air tonight when I sleep.

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A New Ceiling Fan Made all the Difference in the World

The air conditioning in my bedroom wasn’t cooling me down very well so my cousin bought a new ceiling fan because the old one was dying and barely doing anything to cool me down. This new ceiling fan feels like a hurricane in the bedroom so now my room is nice and cool and I am sleeping a lot better because of it. I think there are way too many vents in this house and the air handler isn’t strong enough to push air sufficiently throughout the house. I am not really sure if it is because her compressor is too small or the air handler isn’t big enough but we ended up closing a few of the vents and the problem seems to be solved. There are a total of nine vents in this 1200 SF house and to me that seems like too many for a house this size. I’m not an HVAC tech or anything but if you put your hand up to the vent in my bedroom you can barely feel the air flowing from it. I guess I could always seal off a few of the vents and patch up the ceiling, that shouldn’t take too long to do. I guess we should have bought a bigger air handler or air conditioning compressor and then the nine vents wouldn’t be an issue. I think I will get my HVAC specialist friend to come over and take a look at it, I’m sure he will know how to solve the problem. He’s been working in the field forever.

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Mom’s House Has the Best Whole Home Heating System

I need to ask my mom what brand of heater she has for her house because it really warms the place up fast when it is very cold outside.

I know they spent a lot of money on it but it is so efficient that I bet it has saved them a lot of money since they bought it several years ago.

I think they have an electric heat pump, but I need to ask them because I’ve heard that the geothermal heat pumps are even more efficient. My friend told me about geothermal heat pumps as he sells them at his work but I need to make sure he is giving me the correct info because he is a little biased towards that type of heat pump as you may guess. I may go today to the store that sells them and ask them directly which type is the most efficient. I have a gas heater in my house, which was put in place of the old oil heater that we once had but got tired of dealing with all of the maintenance and problems with it since it was really old. I think today I am going to clean the filters in all of my equipment in the house that has a filter because I have been getting a lot of allergies lately and I think the culprit is dust. I have HEPA filters in everything except for the exhaust fan in the kitchen, which I don’t think can be replaced with a HEPA filter. Today is a busy day.

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Dinner and Movie Night at Mom’s House

This is one of the things I miss the most about living overseas; dinner and movie night sleepovers at my parent’s house.

  • Well, I am here now and I am going to do it tonight so I’m not missing it now, but when I go back overseas I’ll be missing it again.

You can never get enough time with mom, and one day it’ll be gone and just a memory, so enjoy it and savor every moment with her. I think we are going to watch a George Carlin special from 1979, which is one of my favorite ones. The HVAC system at my mom’s house keeps us nice and comfortable while we all hang out in the living room and enjoy our time together. When you live overseas and come back to visit you realize how special these times are with your family. They have a gas fireplace that we run while hanging out during the winter holidays, making our Christmas time even more special. It reminds me of those old days when people would stay warm around the wood burning fireplace with stockings hanging from the mantle. We don’t chop wood anymore to stay warm but still enjoy watching the flames dance around the fake wood that looks like it is on fire. It’s much cleaner and easier having a gas fireplace while still keeping warm with the heat that it puts out. If it gets really cold out then we just turn on the central heater and we are warm within a few minutes. Technology is the best.

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We are Looking for the Most Efficient HVAC Brand Out There

Well, the time has come to replace our old HVAC unit and we have been looking at the best HVAC brands with the highest SEER ratings.

I don’t want to have to cringe each time the power bill comes so I am going to get the best brand with the highest efficiency and not have to worry about turning on the unit to keep us comfortable.

I saved a lot of money over the past few years and can get a really good unit soon. I want the best smart thermostat money can buy and I also want zoned cooling and heating for our house as we only use certain rooms during certain times of the day. I just want to program it one time and then not have to worry about adjusting it anymore. I think we can get it installed next month while the weather is still mild and before the heat of the summer comes back again. I want something that can remove the humidity from the house and also something that can clean the air very well. I may even need to buy a whole home air purifier because we get a lot of traffic down our road and sometimes I can smell the fumes from the buses and cars as they pass. We keep the windows open sometimes for fresh air and maybe just need to keep them closed and run the fan on the HVAC unit. I will make sure we have a HEPA filter in the system too because they catch lots of the smells.

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Can’t Wait for Our Fish Dinner Tonight at my Buddy’s House

I have a busy day today with work but once I am done we are in for a good fish dinner this evening at my friend’s house. He works at a school and teaches HVAC repairs to students and has known me for most of my life. He sometimes helps me with working on my HVAC system when I have a problem and, in return, I help him with painting his house when he needs it. I also was a roofing contractor so when he has a roof leak I usually come over there and fix it for him. He just got a brand new HVAC unit with a very high SEER rating and I want to ask him what his power bill was last month because we had a really high bill and I am wondering if we need to replace our unit soon. We have saved some money over the past few years for things like this and if we need to get a new one soon it won’t break us. I may get a gas furnace next time because we have an old oil furnace and it smells quite a bit when it is heating the house. It seems like there is something leaking and making a burning smell so maybe it is time to just get a new unit and be done with all of this. I am also tired of worrying about getting the oil tank outside filled when it is low as it is a small tank and runs out of oil pretty quickly.


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Today I Need to Retrofit an Air Conditioning Filter

I also need to workout and paint the outside of the house but I have plenty of time to get the painting job done so it’s all good.

The reason I need to retrofit this AC filter is that they made the air handler custom fit to go into this small closet and didn’t have a lot of room to do so.

The size for the filter in the air handler is 17.5 by 22 inches, which is an odd size, seeing that a lot of them are 16 by 20, so I will need to make some kind of a frame to hold the smaller standard filter size. Once I am done with that HVAC system filter work I am going to workout in the garage for a bit and then head out to paint the outside of the house once the weather cools off a bit. I have about five more days of work on the outside paint job and then I am going to move over to my stepmom’s house for a week to paint the inside of her house. I think she also has some work she wants me to do on the electric furnace because she said it wasn’t heating very well last year and wants it ready for the next winter. My dad used to work on it but now that he is gone I am the second person in charge of it as he taught me everything I know about working on HVAC systems. I am going to eat a sub and get to work. See ya.

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