Justice shall prevail!

Someone robbed the corner store this past Saturday.

There are clues on who the culprit is but no one is still certain.

What drives a person to rob a local store? They know it will hurt the community right? This corner store has the best tasty homemade cakes around and now they are closed due to having anxiety of another robbery. I’m hoping whenever they find out who it is they will reopen. I’m just sitting here in the living room thinking of these things as my daughter plays with her doll in the yard. Down in the basement the heating technician is doing some heating maintenance. It’s that time of the year! Temperatures outside are still ok enough to wear shorts and a tank top but that won’t last for much longer. As I stare down at my desk with my physics book right in front of me I know I have to continue studying. I’m just exhausted. College, work, daughter and that recent robbery has me in a hot mess. My daughter and I haven’t really left the house the last couple days and my father checked in on us. We have a fully fenced yard with a camera on the back porch so I can keep an eye on my daughter. I can never be too careful! The heating and cooling tech came upstairs and said everything is fine but I will need a new water boiler soon. I paid him in cash and continued to think about the robbery. Justice has to win, it shall prevail! If not, then I need to get their recipe.

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Today is the company picnic

Working for the space company is quite amazing. I always wondered if there are extraterrestrials out there. There has to be right? Everyone has their beliefs so I want to believe that there is something out there. Today is a special day as I put on my makeup. It’s the company’s annual picnic. Today is a beautiful day to walk on a brick road and gaze at the beautiful flowers. I know I’ll see deer on the picnic and I got so close to petting one last year. I think my son scared one of them waving his sword or I would’ve had a great opportunity at it! I made pumpkin pie as I know that is a fan favorite. I only make it twice a year. They did a pie tasting competition a few years back and I was the unanimous winner! I really like being appreciated and my thing is to always give a thumbs up. Before we head out for the picnic I have a HVAC specialist coming out. He has his own heating and cooling company and we have become good friends. I heard some weird noises from the air conditioner the other day and it’s best to make sure everything is in working order. The temperatures outside haven’t been really bad but I don’t want to risk a hot day with my A/C unit broken. I see the van with the HVAC business name on the side of it pulling in. Today is going to be a great day. They showed up as scheduled and I won’t be late for the picnic.



Air conditioning worker

HVAC repairing just isn’t for me

Growing up, I was fascinated with all kinds of different subjects.

  • But my favorite was heating and cooling technology.

I’m still not sure what it was about HVAC equipment, but something about it just fascinated me. This started around 8 years old, and the fascination continued for several years. Since I spent so much of my time pretending to be a heating and cooling technician, and pretending to repair HVAC units, my parents were sure they had a future A/C worker on their hands. In my early teens, I studied HVAC books and A/C manuals. It got to the point where I could do HVAC maintenance and basic repairs, and when someone had an issue with their A/C machines, I was the first person they would call. My friends also thought for sure I was going to become a certified A/C serviceman, as one time I repaired an A/C unit of theirs. But when I got to my late teens, I found myself finding other interesting subjects, such as history and psychology. History in particular became my favorite, and I decided I wanted to be a history teacher at a local school instead. My parents and friends were shocked and disappointed, and they questioned my decision many times. However, even years down the road as a history teacher, I have never regretted my decision. While I enjoy HVAC repair, doing it as a job just isn’t for me. I am still the main person they call whenever HVAC troubles arise.



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Glad I don’t have to deal with the bad weather anymore

Where I come from, there are constant storms, floods and hurricanes.

A lovely place weather wise, for sure.

Since I didn’t want to feel constantly under threat by the wild weather, I moved further up north, where the temperatures as well as the weather is more mild. I was glad I didn’t have to deal with the bad weather anymore. However, since most of my family still lived in the bad weather area, if I ever went to visit them, I would have to deal with the atrocious weather again. Seeing my family was worth it, so I made the drive down to see them. I could tell I was entering my old city when the car was suddenly pounded by rain. The light clouds eventually gave way to dark, and that is when the storm hit. I could hear the wind howling outside, and the blinding rain outside was making it hard to see. It was a nice reminder why I moved out of this city, and eventually the rain got so bad I had to pull over into a parking lot. The parking lot I parked into was filled with similar looking vans. All of the vans had a blue and yellow logo on them, and I managed to read the words and realize they were HVAC vans. I was in the parking lot of a HVAC store and A/C business. The A/C corporation looked like they were closed due to bad weather, no surprise there. After the rain calmed down a bit, I drove out of the cooling company’s parking lot, and towards my destination.


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Staying comfortable in my toasty warm home

I have gotten pretty good at being able to tell when it is going to be cold outside all day.

This morning was one of those days.

I looked outside and there was already a foot of snow on the ground, and it was still heavily snowing. Well that is fine by me, let it snow for all I care, because I don’t have to worry about going outside at all today. Of all of the days for there to be bad weather, today is the perfect day for me, because it is a Sunday, and I can just kick back and relax. I have already finished all of my work, and so I plan on having a delicious breakfast and watching TV. I ate delicious eggs, bacon and toast and as I watched TV I forgot about all of the weather outside. That is, until I heard a strange noise. My focus was then shifted from the television to the source of the noise. For some reason, my heating unit made a strange sound. As I went to investigate, I noticed that the HVAC unit turned itself off. That was definitely unusual, and momentarily, it gave me a scare. I worried briefly that my heating unit stopped working and that I would have to get emergency HVAC services before the cold plummets the warm temperature in my home. However, when I turned the heating system back on, it roared back to life and started heating the home just fine again. I don’t know what that was all about, but I am so glad my furnace system is still working!

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I was not used to desert heat

I was already regretting our trip.

My boyfriend and his family were taking a road trip across the road to see the country.

They decided to invite me along, and generally, I love road trips, so I was excited to go. However, the path we were taking was directly through a desert. I originally didn’t think much of this, and thought it was going to be a quick drive through and that would be that. But unfortunately, that was not the case. The first 10 minutes or so in the desert were bliss. The van we were traveling in still had its air conditioning going strong, and I really couldn’t tell the difference. But for whatever reason, maybe because the A/C was faulty or maybe because the cooling unit was not used to such intense heat, the HVAC machine shut down only 15 minutes later. This was definitely concerning, because within minutes the van began to heat up. The van went from being peaceful and quiet to everyone getting snappy real quick. My boyfriend’s dad looked up some nearby HVAC places, and thankfully there was one only a few miles away. We drove there, only to be greeted by the A/C professionals, telling us they don’t repair air conditioning in vans. Apparently those A/C workers only repair residential HVAC units in people’s homes. There was another cooling corporation 10 miles away, and my boyfriend’s dad called to make sure they repaired A/C in vans. They confirmed they did in fact repair van HVAC units and so we then headed off in their direction.



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I love paying less on energy costs in the spring

My preferences for the time of the year have changed a lot over the years. When I was a kid, I typically favored the times when I was off from school, usually the summer, winter, and spring. As I got older and started to hate the frigid winter and the intensely hot summer temperatures, I loved autumn the most, with spring being a close second. It was fun going to Halloween parties and pumpkin carving events in my rural city. The town had a large agricultural presence because we were adjacent to large chunks of farm land on one end and state forests on the other. The harvest was a time for celebration and a time of reckoning for anyone caring for plants over the course of the spring and summer growing seasons. But I sadly left that quaint little town when I moved away for college. I was ready to see a big city for a change, which is where I reside to this day. At times I wonder what it would be like to go back home, but my job prevents that from happening. The one advantage is the home I live in now. It has all of the modern amenities you would expect from a 21st century house, but with a focus on energy efficiency. I wasted too much money running inefficient HVAC systems in the past. I refused to spend wasted cash on a poorly running HVAC, so I made sure to get a good system when the current one was installed. Nowadays my favorite season is spring because of how little energy I use with the air conditioner and furnace both off most times of the day. It’s a great time to put money into my savings account.


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I want to get solar panels just to run my heating and cooling system

I am fascinated by science and technology.

I remember reading stories as a kid about an eventual car that would run on water, and I’m still optimistically hoping that one day will come where that doesn’t seem like an impossibility.

If I hadn’t gone into the arts, I would have gotten an engineering degree to work in alternative energy. I’m terrified by the thoughts of human effects on global climate change. If the polar ice caps continue to melt at the current rate, we’re going to see considerable sea level rise over the next century. Eventually the warmer water in the oceans will lead to increasingly catastrophic hurricanes that will threaten the lives of thousands along the atlantic and pacific coasts. With all of this in the back of my mind, I want to do my part to mitigate my negative impact on the environment. That’s why I purchased solar panels to put on my roof to power my HVAC system. With the new solar panels in place, I’m hoping they will generate enough electricity to power my air conditioner and furnace without needing electricity from the grid. It costs so much money and wastes so much energy to power the HVAC system otherwise, so the solar panels would be a massive improvement for us all. If I am successful with my project, I will install them on my parents’ roof as well so they can also use solar energy for their central HVAC system. Whatever we can do to save money on HVAC energy is a welcome addition to our homes. It’s just the process of installation that can be a headache.
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All of my pets appreciate good indoor heating

They will crowd around the sources of radiant heat like their lives depend on it

My first pet when I was in elementary school was a goldfish. My parents took my siblings and I to the local fair and I managed to win the fish in a game that is designed to make you lose more often than not. They were impressed by my good luck and did their best to help me find a bowl and get me the supplies I needed to care for the little fish. While that fish only lived for a month, I was so excited by the experience that my parents eventually bought me a bigger fish tank and got me a number of freshwater fish to care for. It taught me responsibility at an early age because I was the only person responsible for feeding the fish and cleaning their tank. While I no longer have fish at this point, I live with the important lessons I learned during the time when I still had them as pets. Currently I have two cats and two dogs. All four of my pets seem to get along, which is often a rarity among both canines and felines. This is particularly true if you mix the two species in the same living space. They all get really slow and docile in the winter because the colder temperatures slow their heart rate down like they do for so many other animals. The four of them really appreciate it when the heating system is running because they try to hog the spaces near the radiators in our home. They will crowd around the sources of radiant heat like their lives depend on it. Since they don’t have clothing to put on to stay warm, I understand why they do it. I would stay near the radiator as well if I was a dog or a cat.

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Buying an air purifier for my car

Sometimes with the windows open, the air quality can drop from incoming dust particles and other various lung irritants

People like to add various modifications to cars both inside and out. I’m more of a function over form sort of person. I am not interested in being flashy on an aesthetic level and usually make decisions on adding things to my vehicle based on addressing my everyday needs. At one point I added a wifi device in my car simply because of all the traveling I do with my family and the need for wireless access for both my kids and my partner and I. That way everyone in the car can get constant internet access on their phones and tablets without utilizing mobile data from our cell phone carrier. It’s much cheaper when you have children in the vehicle for hours at a time, several times a month with all of our traveling. Since we use the car so much, I like to keep the inside of the vehicle equipped with all of our needs. This includes a water and drink cooler and a recharging station that runs on large batteries. I know how frustrating it can be stuck in a car for hours with your family, so I want my wife and children to be as comfortable as possible. That’s what also led me to recently purchase an air purifier for my car. I suffer from respiratory allergies and needed something to help with the fluctuating air quality inside the vehicle. Sometimes with the windows open, the air quality can drop from incoming dust particles and other various lung irritants. With the car air purifier running, I don’t have to worry as much about whatever gets inside whenever we crack a window or open a door. In a matter of minutes, the air quality is good again.


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