Get me $10 and I’ll get a new heating system

The sky is clear blue this morning and the temp is just below freezing and I will go for a swim in about 30 minutes.

Yesterday was gray and windy and about the same temp, yet I somehow managed to go in the sea for about four minutes.

The waves were so big they toppled over my head even when I tried to jump up in the air over them. It wouldn’t have been so bad if the water wasn’t so cold, but my head was hurting after being submerged a few times in the frigid sea. My heating device was on by the time I got home and I was heating up very nicely in my little office after taking a very hot bath. The water almost felt like it was boiling hot because my skin was so cold from the sea. This cooling and heating of the body is actually good for you, but it isn’t the most enjoyable feeling when you are doing it. So today is March 1st and it looks like we have about two more weeks of cold weather and then it is going to shift and the summer warmth will finally be back. The local businesses will start to open their doors again like a flower blooming, and my job at the HVAC business doing duct cleaning will resume as well. We will start seeing volleyball nets out in the sand and the beach bars will start to come alive again, which is great because we will be doing shows in most of them.
Heating industry

Today we run both heating and cooling

Today is a new day for my EV stocks.

  • Last night there was a vote and it passed, which means that after nine years the company will finally start producing electric cars in four more weeks.

It is going to be interesting to see what happens to this 58 cent stock now. It could literally skyrocket this month to $5 if people start jumping on board and a short squeeze ensues. I just want to get back to $10, which is where the price was when I bought it a year ago with my dad’s inheritance money. His HVAC company was sold and they gave each kid money, which I should have put into a heating and cooling technology stock or the bank instead. It went from about $10.50 to $0.24 in less than a year and I felt so bad for losing what my dad worked so hard for, but it could come back now. My dad’s heating and cooling company made a lot of money with all of the HVAC sales and service work, and in ten more years we will all be sitting pretty. But for now, I feel like a fool throwing away his money, but then again the whole market has gone down so I am not alone. Anyway, March is going to be a heating and a/c month since the weather is going to go from cold to hot in the next few weeks. I can’t wait for the warm weather so we can start doing our shows out in the beach bars.



heated floors

The hydronic heating is doing well

I am ready for my infamous grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup lunch after I finish this article. I am going to be in the flat most of the day today because it is really cold out and there is not a drop of sun in the sky. I think it is supposed to start raining soon too, so there basically won’t be a soul on the streets in our small village today. But in about two or so months the weather is going to get a lot warmer and the beaches, and local businesses, will start filling up again with sunbathers and volleyball players. We will start playing more gigs in the streets for cash, along with some shows in the HVAC business where my heating specialist works. We have some other road gigs lined up, which pay us about $500 for just two hours of music, so that is something to look forward to also. I will keep working for the HVAC company on the side with my HVAC expert friend, doing mainly space heater repairs and furnace sales in the store and in homes. We are going to play a lot this summer and maybe I can earn enough to put a down payment on an RV so we can take our show on the road. I think we are ready to play in climate controlled bars and clubs and start making some real money in this racket. I’ve been playing for almost 20 years now and it is time to take our show to the next level and see what we can do.



Air conditioner service plan

Two good space heaters is too bad for my coldness

The local business is normally open all day and night but it is too far away to haul my clothes there, so I am going to try my HVAC system’s heating unit and see if it dries the clothes for me

Today I will finish my online work a bit earlier than normal and I am going to do a long meditation session to clear my mind and help guide me in the right direction. I am going to meet a musician later today by the church on the sea and we are going to play music and sing some. I am thinking about bringing my sound system out also but I am not sure if anyone will even be out there with the freezing cold weather we are having this week. It is really cold out but my space heaters are keeping me nice and warm in my office as I get my work done in a timely manner. I have a load of laundry in the washing machine and I am not sure it is going to dry on the line outside because it will probably freeze instead. Maybe running my central heating system for a few hours will take the moisture out of the air and dry the clothes faster. I don’t want to go to the laundromat to use the dryer because it is too far away. The local business is normally open all day and night but it is too far away to haul my clothes there, so I am going to try my HVAC system’s heating unit and see if it dries the clothes for me. I also have a small fan that I could put on the clothes in the living room to speed up the drying process. I will figure it out, being an engineer and all.
Air conditioner service

Excited for a/c and the upcoming summer

I feel like a caterpillar in a cocoon waiting to turn into a butterfly this summer.

I’ve been a performing artist since 2005 and I feel that this summer is going to be the start of some really cool shows finally. I never would have thought that I would become a singer and drummer after getting into standup comedy so heavily for so many years. But life can throw you a curveball just when you thought you knew your path in life. I think in 2025 our band is going to be ready to take our show to local businesses around the country, playing in air conditioned luxury and traveling around in a nice RV with a great HVAC system. I think after 20 years of hard work I will finally reap some of the rewards and also have some fun in the process. I always thought when I was a local contractor in the HVAC industry that I would be stuck doing that job for the rest of my life, but just when it seemed like I was locked in I took the chance and got on stage in 2005 to try something crazy. My friends pushed me to do it and I have them to thank, and I have myself to thank for sticking with it so long. Hard work is always rewarded, as I found out when I was a new contractor doing duct cleaning and repairs. Now my hard work in showbiz is starting to show some signs of payoff and I am so happy about it all.

New contractor

Don’t judge your heating system, or anything else

One thing I have learned from taking my icy sea dips each winter morning is that not judging something and just getting it done is the best way to make it through tough situations.

I’ve also learned that talking positively and being your own best friend really helps you conquer things and get through them when you probably couldn’t if you were judging whether you wanted to do it or not.

I’ve also begun speaking to myself and out loud in this confident country character voice I use on stage, and it really helps to boost my mood. The HVAC rep at the local business told me about this type of speaking to yourself when she was trying to do tough ductwork jobs for commercial clients. I’ve been trying to do it more and more and it really helps get me out of low moods when I get in them. I think I am going to go to the heating supplier later today to see if they have any furnace filters, as mine is getting pretty old and worn out and will need to be replaced soon. I think they have a sale on everything in the store right now as they are trying to make way for the new inventory. I will also take a look at the central a/c and heating systems to see how much they cost with the sale price. Maybe if the price is right I could buy one and pay it off over the next few years if they have a layaway plan or some kind of financing.



Cooling and heating business

My cooling rep coming for dinner

Tonight should be a nice night because there are a lot of clouds in the sky, which means there will be a lot of colors when the sun goes down later

I am in the mood to make a Thai meal soon, but first I need to go to the store and get the ingredients. I think tonight I will have my simple tuna and rice dinner, which I add some vegetables to to give it a little color and taste. But tomorrow I am going to make the Thai meal and invite my friend over to enjoy the meal with me. We will get a little fire going and chill out with the cats while listening to some relaxing jazz music and watching the sun go down. It’s heating up a lot outside and my cooling rep is in town for a couple weeks, so tomorrow we will have some dinner and hang out to talk about the old days when we were going to HVAC school to become technicians in the industry. We have known each other for about 25 years now and have a lot of fun memories we like to talk about. The air conditioning provider where she will be working here in town is closed at 6pm, as the cooling supplier owner likes to get home early so he can be with his family. Tonight should be a nice night because there are a lot of clouds in the sky, which means there will be a lot of colors when the sun goes down later. I think tomorrow is cooling down a bit, so making a fire in the fireplace will be good for heating up the flat a bit to take the chill out of the air while we eat.

Help with indoor comfort

The heating industry is cooling down now

I keep working though and have fun here in the summer because of all of the fun tourists that come here and raise the energy level

Today is June 1st and the weather is still quite moderate. I bet that this month is going to be a comfortable one and the real heat won’t be here till the start of July. Usually July and August are the hottest months and then when September comes things start to cool down quite fast. I am fine with two months of heat because I used to live in the south back in the States and it would be hot for like six months, which would wear you down by the time October hit. Now we don’t need air conditioning until July and we don’t need to run the furnace until the end of December, and we only run the heating system for about two months during the wintertime. I like living here and need to be here for my music venture, so I am learning to appreciate the good aspects of living in this cool little beach village. A lot of the heating dealerships are closed for the summer and the owners go off to other parts of the world to take a break from the HVAC systems world. I keep working though and have fun here in the summer because of all of the fun tourists that come here and raise the energy level. I do air conditioning repairs for customers and also some duct repairs in the businesses in town, but I only do this job about 15 hours a week and dedicate the rest of my time to my music journey. I am off to the cooling contractor shop now.


a/c professional

Patience with the cooling and heating jobs

Tomorrow we will play music at this local business around 6pm and I am hoping we get some good climate control from the ocean breeze to keep us comfy while we do our thing

I think after almost 56 years on this planet I am starting to master the art of slowing down. My dad told me a billion times that I gotta learn to relax and finally, after my dad has passed away, I think it is starting to sink in. I was always moving faster than the speed of life, looking for the next thing to keep my attention, but I grew tired of living that way and started learning how to slow down a bit. Now it is easier to read a book or watch a sunset, and my HVAC specialist told me that I am more fun to hang out with now. I just had so much extra energy back then and I didn’t know what to do with it all, so I ended up just bouncing from one thing to another. But now I can read an HVAC systems operating manual and not flinch, something that even the old HEPA filter salesman found tough to do while working for the local business. Today will be a slow day of working online as I am pretty tired this morning, but there is not much else going on till later this afternoon, so I have a lot of time to get it all done. Tomorrow we will play music at this local business around 6pm and I am hoping we get some good climate control from the ocean breeze to keep us comfy while we do our thing. We have one spot where the cops don’t bother us so we will be playing there.


Air quality systems

Cooling down outside with some rain

I was planning on playing music tonight but my bandmate is busy with other stuff so tonight is going to be a rest night, which is good because my body needs some more rest.

I’ve been kind of overdoing the music and sports and my body is telling me to slow down a bit.

I’ve worn out a lot of my body parts, either breaking bones or wearing out joints from too many sports or whatever, and my body now is a bit slower than it used to be. But I guess after 55 years of abuse, just like the heating rep friend of mine who just got new knees, my body is starting to slow down a bit and I need to save some for my HVAC tech work each week. I feel like Evel Kenievl, the stuntman who broke pretty much every bone in his body, and when he was my age he was pretty much done. I have messed up my knees from lifting HVAC systems up flights of stairs for many years, along with a lot of knee bending doing ductwork cleaning for the company. I will try to take care of my body now and hopefully it will last another few years so I can live a bit more life before shutting down. I would like to do more HVAC system repairs and need some good knees to do so, as my heating supplier friend can attest. I did live a fun life though, so in the end I hope that I am satisfied with the life I lived.

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