My brother was going to help my husband try to repair the AC unit.

My brother showed up at our home and was upset because his wife left.

My husband took pity on him, and asked him what happened.

I knew my brother, and I knew what an idiot he could be. When he said his air conditioning quit working, he also said he was going to fix it. My brother fixing an AC unit? That was a laughable thought. He said his wife told him if he didn’t call the HVAC company she was going to a hotel. She wasn’t going to sit in this house without air conditioning and she was eight months pregnant. My husband told him to forget the HVAC company. He was going to go over to the house and look at the AC unit. My husband is an HVAC technician and he took my brother and headed over to the house. My brother said he would help him and hopped in the car. In the meantime, my sister-in-law showed up. She saw his car, and said she hadn’t wanted to talk to him. If he had stayed here much longer, she was going to her parent’s house. From what she said, the air conditioning unit had been broken two days, and she had left it go, thinking the HVAC company had been called. When he told her he was planning on trying to repair the AC unit over the weekend, she got angry. I knew how she felt, because our air conditioning broke down when I was eight months pregnant, but my husband could repair the air conditioning unit.
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He told my husband he had his back.

I acted like I saw nothing and walked back into the house

When our air conditioning unit broke down, I told my husband to call our HVAC company and not his brother. His brother was a certified HVAC, but he hadn’t work for a company for five years. I didn’t even know if he recertified over that time. My husband rolled his eyes and said he could repair the air conditioning. Why should he pay for an HVAC technician when he worked with his brother so much, he could figure out what was wrong with the air conditioning unit? I didn’t know if he could do the job or not, but I wasn’t trusting my air conditioning to anyone but a certified HVAC technician that worked in an HVAC company. My husband was angry, so I walked away. I called the HVAC company and requested them to send someone out to the house. Two hours later, I heard noise by the air conditioning unit, and I looked out. I was prepared to see an HVAC technician by the air conditioning unit. I started to walk away when I heard my husband’s voice. I didn’t know what he said, but it was his voice. I then heard another voice saying he had his back. Now, I went outside to check ut these HVAC technicians. I wasn’t surprised to see my husband opening the air conditioning unit while his brother stood behind him. I acted like I saw nothing and walked back into the house. The HVAC technician would be here in about an hour. He could fix anything my husband ruined when his brother told him what to do in the air conditioning unit.
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I took my frustration out on the HVAC technician.

When my air conditioning unit died, I called the HVAC company earlier.

  • I told them my mother couldn’t sleep without the air conditioning.

She was almost ninety years old, and she couldn’t breathe when it was hot and humid. The dispatcher said she could have someone to the house by mid-morning, but it was only 8 PM. Mom was tired and ready for bed, but without air conditioning, her room was already hot and humid. I told her to pack her nightie and an outfit, and we would stay in a hotel for the night. I got very little sleep, hoping we got home before the HVAC technician arrived. Mom slept well, which made me feel good, and we were out of the hotel by 8 AM. We waited all day for the HVAC technician to arried, but he never did. I got a hotel for another night. The next morning, I called the HVAC company and asked what had happened that they didn’t send an HVAC tech to my house the previous day. She apologized and said it was a mistake. They had sent him to the other side of town. I asked when the HVAC technician would be there? After five minutes, she said she could have him waiting for me when I got home. I was so angry that when he wasn’t there when we got home, I started yelling when he arrived a minute later. I yelled at him about my mom, the hotel, and all the extra money I spent. He apologized, then I apologized and said the lack of air conditioning was causing me to go crazy.


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How many HVAC technicians does it take to install an air conditioning unit?

Do remember all those stupid jokes about how many does it to do something.

I was living one of those jokes last week.

My air conditioning unit wasn’t working properly so I called the HVAC company, and I asked for a technician. Two days later, an HVAC service van pulled up in my driveway. Two minutes later, another HVAC service was in my driveway. I saw four men get out of the first van, and two got out of the second van. All I could think was: How many HVAC technicians does it take to repair an air conditioning unit? I counted the amount of HVAC technicians walking toward the door, and shouted six. I knew the answer, but I was sure the men lurking outside heard me. I opened the door, and the oldest man showed me his ID. He told me which HVAC company he was affiliated with. He then said he was the instructor for the HVAC classes at the local community college. He had brought his five students with him. He asked if it was alright if he used my HVAC system as a lesson for the young HVAC students. I had no problem with them working on my air conditioning unit, as long as I don’t need to pay them all. Four hours later, the man I had previously talked to, told my AC unit was working, and he gave me the paperwork. He thanked me for allowing his class to use my AC unit. As he walked away, I yelled to him that I hadn’t paid yet. He said he owned the HVAC company, and I offered my AC unit for class. He got paid.


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My mother was angry when I told her I applied for HVAC school.

For the last fifteen years, my mother had been prepping me to be the next Miss America. It felt like the only thing I was ever doing, was buying new dresses, new makeup, and smiling at judges. From the time I was three, I was showing up in beauty contests, and wearing flippers to hide the baby teeth I was missing. When I turned eighteen, I was over being a beauty queen and wanted to be someone else. I wanted to be, and do what I always wanted to do. I told my dad I wanted to go to HVAC school after high school. Dad mentioned how angry was going to be, but he also said she would get over it. With my dad in tow, we went in search of mom. We found her in her craft room, sitting at the sewing machine. When the sewing machine stopped, I called to her to turn around because I wanted to talk to her. Dad sat next me, and I began to talk. I thanked mom for everything she did for me, but I no longer wanted that life. After graduation I wanted to be an HVAC technician. I took some of money out of the bank and applied for HVAC classes. I had just received the acceptance letter that afternoon. I waited for to explode,but she didn’t. She gave me a hug and said wasn’t sure what she was going to do with that room full of dresses. I told her to sell them, unless she could do cool sewing and turn them into beauty quality HVAC uniforms. She said she was hurt and angry, but she understood I had to me/.
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I applied for a position in an all-female HVAC company.

I had recently moved into town, and I was looking for a job.

I was an HVAC technician when I moved. My wife had gotten a new job, and I knew I could get a job anywhere, and told her to go for it. My only problem with finding a job in a larger town, is that I knew no one. I came across an online website named AWE HVAC. I thought it was catchy and it may be a place where I could work, and enjoy working. I told my wife about AWE HVAC, and told her I would see her when she got home. I put the address to AWE HVAC into my GPS, and headed out. I waited in the waiting room for almost twenty minutes while the receptionist was nearly laughing at me. I got up and checked my fly; she had made me so uncomfortable. Five minutes later, another woman came out and took me into the office of the HVAC company owner. She down at the desk and asked for my application. She explained this was the first time she had taken an application from someone like me. I was a bit appalled at that; wondering what kimd I was. She asked what I knew about AWE HVAC. I told her the name was whimsical. It was like someone having a broken HVAC system broken, and it suddenly starts working again. She smiled and said she hadn’t thought about that. Awe, HVAC; now it’s comfortable. She said AWE stood for All Woman Employees. I asked if I could be the token male, and walked out with a job.



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I said I was considering a new HVAC system; not that I was buying it.

My wife and I were sitting in a restaurant enjoying a pleasant afternoon.

We were talking about the HVAC system and considering if it was time to buy a new one.

We had some problems over the last two years, and if it got any worse, we would need to have the entire system replaced. We were talking about what kind of HVAC system we wanted to buy. We didn’t have ductwork at this time. We have a boiler system in the house, and only use window air conditioning units. We weren’t sure if we wanted to go to the expense of installing ductwork and getting central heating and air conditioning. My husband suggested a mini split ductless HVAC system. Our only fear with this, is that we live in an area where it often goes below zero at night. We were just chatting and discussing HVAC when a gentleman came up to us. He said he was the owner of the local HVAC company and showed us his ID. He said he had overheard our conversation, and he was interested to know when we were going to have the HVAC system replaced? My husband said if he was listening, he would know we said we were considering a new HVAC system, but not that we were buying. He pushed his card at us, and said he would wait for our car. Even if he was the only local HVAC company owner, I wouldn’t have called him. He was too pushy and I couldn’t believe he was listening to our conversation, and told us he had.

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A snake crawled up his pant leg. (HVAC tech freaked

I was in the back yard hanging up some clothes to air them out, when I heard a scream coming from the side yard.

I ran as fast as I could to see the HVAC technician screaming, but not moving.

I asked if he was okay, but he was frozen. I knew the HVAC technician was to come to the house and work on the air conditioning unit, but I didn’t think it was time yet. I tried to get him to talk, but all he would do was point. I saw his pants leg moving, and I had an idea what had happened. There was a small snake that hung around the air conditioning unit to eat all the little bugs that were there. I had this feeling that the snake crawled up his pants. I asked if that was the problem, and he nodded yes. I didn’t want to be forward, so I called the HVAC company. I was sure the snake was harmless, but you never know. I told the person who answered the phone, and asked to talk to the owner. I explained to him about the snake and I was going to call 911. He told me to hold up on the car until he got there. When the HVAC company owner arrived, he told the HVAC tech to be very still. He couldn’t have moved if he wanted to. With a pair of tongs, the HVAC company owner reached up the tech’s pants, and slowly grabbed the snake. He pulled it out quickly which was a good thing. It had its mouth open, ready to bite whatever it could.

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I sat in the kitchen so I could hear the HVAC technician singing.

I called the HVAC company to make an appointment to have my furnace serviced.

I thought it was going to take some time to have the HVAC technician arrive.

I was surprised when they gave me an appointment early the next week. I was sitting in the kitchen when the HVAC technician arrived. He told me he was going to inspect the furnace, the ductwork and all the wires that go into the furnace. It shouldn’t take much more than an hour, and he would knock on the door when he was done. Five minutes after he got downstairs, I heard the most beautiful bass voice. I thought he had a country station on his phone, and he was listening to music. I got closer to the door, and I realized the HVAC technician was singing as he was working. I pulled my chair closer to the basement door and sat in the kitchen so I could hear the HVAC technicing singing. After about fifteen minutes, he stopped singing and I quickly move the chair to the table and headed to another room. I was embarrassed thinking he may have caught me listening at the door. A part of me wanted to tell the HVAC tech he had the best singing voice I had ever heard, but then he would know I was listening. I kept myself from staring when he showed me the results of his inspection on the furnace. I just couldn’t believe he sang like that and was working as an HVAC technician. I’m glad my phone rang, because it was on the tip of my tongue to ask.

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My son locked the basement door on the HVAC technician.

My son just turned three, but he has this habit of following behind and locking the door when they leave.

Last week, the HVAC technician was at the house.

I wanted to have my furnace serviced before winter began. I felt that if I got it done early, I wouldn’t need to wait and wonder if the servicing would get done in time. So, as soon as the HVAC technician arrived, I told him where the basement was. I turned my back for a moment, and my son went over and locked the door. I didn’t know the door was locked when I pick Paulie up and headed upstairs to put him down for his nap. I came downstairs and I heard someone knocking on the door. I checked the back door, but no one was there. I walked back into the living room and the knock was turning into a pound. That’s when I realized the noise was coming from the basement door. I had to smile when I thought of Paulie locking the door. When the HVAC technician opened the door, he just looked at me. He told me that holding him hostage wasn’t going to make the bill any lower and I laughed. I explained my son was locking doors all the time, but I didn’t realize he had done it this time. He said he had a three-year-old son, and he understood how it happened. It just gave him time to talk to his for a couple of minutes. I thanked the HVAC tech for not getting angry at me, and sat down to discuss his findings in the furnace.

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