The heating techs who were ballers too

I’m gleeful I didn’t play too many sports last evening because my body was really tired and needed the rest.

Some of my friends were playing last evening on the beach and I came just to watch.

But finally I caved in and played two games, which was not too exhausting because my buddy and I played three on three and it is a lot easier than two on two. So today I am not feeling too exhausting like some days when I wake up and feel like a train ran over me the evening before. The teams had a few heating and cooling reps playing on each side and the teams were pretty good, as a group of HVAC techs were in town from another town and they were really good players at one point in their lives. They were a bit out of shape but you could tell that they played at or near the pro level at one point in their lives. When I was a new HVAC serviceman just out of HVAC college I was playing the AA level and would sometimes jump into the pro level to test my skills, but my cooling supplier kept me quite tied up with work so I couldn’t practice enough to get to the top level. I am good with making it to the AA level, considering that I didn’t start playing the sport till I was 25 years old. Anyway, I am going to do a little air duct cleaning job now and then see if I can get some nice climate control by the sea on my bike ride.


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