Why I love my boiler system

I own a boiler system and it is just amazing.

  • Most people in my area complain about the cold and keep their homes warm enough.

With a boiler system I don’t have that problem. My entire house is evenly heated due to it. What is especially nice is that my heat is under my feet. I hooked up the piping up to the boiler and now hot water runs through the piping that is under my floorboards. Hydronic heating is the way to go. It doesn’t create any noise or hot and cold spots. Since it is warm water and not air, not heat is rising to the ceiling and getting wasted. I am able to lower my thermostat and save a little money with this method of heating. Anything that is set on the floors feels warm too. The couch, recliners and the tables all feel heated as a result. It is wonderful for kids crawling around on the floors and pets as well. I then figured out I could hook ever more piping to my boiler and have a snowmelt system outside. Now I don’t need to shovel my driveway or scrape ice off my car anymore. The snow melt system is just piping under my black top. I turn it on when it snows and I wake up in the morning to a cleared driveway. Since my car is sitting on top of the heated surface, there is no ice on the windshield. I don’t have to get up 20 minutes earlier for work anymore due to this add on.

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It is really cold in my house all the time

I live where it snows all the time.

I remember trick or treating in the snow and hunting Easter eggs.

That is how long our winter season lasts. It also can get down to -20 degrees in my area. Needless to say, heating is a priority in my area. Nobody I know owns an air conditioner. Buying an AC would be like buying a pool. It would be expensive, a conversation piece and only necessary for maybe a month. I use box fans when it gets warm in the summer. Typically our heat goes away quickly and the nights cool. I only focus on heating my house. I have a gas heater upstairs, a fireplace in my living room and a ductless heater in the kitchen. Three heating systems and my home isn’t exactly warm. My office sits in between the kitchen and living room. You would think with a ductless heater and fireplace both running the office would be warm. Nope, I have thought about getting another heating system for that space. I have trouble working because it is so cold in the room. I have changed the window, caulked around it and added new insulation. It is still a cold spot in the house. I think it is just that cold in my area. Three heating systems barely do the job at all. I have been loosely toying with the idea of getting just one giant boiler system. That would be able to heat the entire house easily. It is just really expensive.


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Should have hired the professional right away

For a long time I just didn’t have any kind of heating in the kitchen. It was a problem in the winter due to how cold it got. I would put a space heater on the kitchen table and I just hated it. Finally I decided that I was going to buy a ductless mini split. I found a guy online that was willing to install a mini split at half the price any HVAC company quoted me. I thought I was getting such a deal. The guy brought a mini split brand I had never heard of and seemed to struggle installing it. He took the money and then left. I quickly realized that the mini split wouldn’t turn on. I had no heating or cooling, just an ugly unit on the wall. I called and called but the guy never answered me back. He totally scammed me! I ended up needing to call a real HVAC contractor to come into my home and fix the damage. This HVAC technician told me we had to start over. Apparently the brand the other guy used was garbage. The guy also installed the wiring exposed to the elements. There also was a drip within my wall that would have created water damage and rot. The professional HVAC worker took everything down and started fresh. I now have a perfectly working HVAC unit and no potential damage to my home. It cost me so much money once I factored in paying for the lazy bum. I should have hired a licensed HVAC professional from the start.


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She’s going to burn my house down

My mother lives next door and she really tries to be helpful.

She is constantly doing things for me like buying plants, groceries or racking my lawn.

Most of the time what she does is great. Anytime I leave my house for an extended period of time I get nervous. My mother overdoes it. She is constantly over to my house getting the mail, watering plants and doing yard work. In the kitchen I have a ventless heater that is definitely a fire hazard. My husband and I have tried to fix it. We used an air compressor to blow out the dust in the system since the heater kept complaining about a clogged filter. It didn’t seem to help. The machine frequently overheats. When I am home I just turn the system off, clean it again and try later. When I leave the house I just completely shut the heater down. If you aren’t keeping an eye on the heater, I really feel it will just light on fire and burn my house to the ground. I have begged my mother to leave the kitchen heater alone and she just won’t. I kind of see her point. I live in the north and if you go without heating your pipes could freeze. I still have a gas fireplace in the living room. There is still an upstairs heater. I feel the kitchen will just get cold, not freezing. I also would rather deal with frozen pipes than a house burnt to a crisp. I feel the moment I pull out of my driveway my mother is turning on my ventless heater and leaving it the whole time I am gone. One of these days she is burning my house down.

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Just a mini split in the kitchen

That way I have AC or less heating right when the space is heating up

My husband and I own a central HVAC unit. I would say that 90% of the time I enjoy it. I like that the whole home is one temperature. I don’t understand how people have unused rooms. I go to every room multiple times a day. I couldn’t get by not heating or cooling a certain space. The only time I don’t like the whole house being the same temperature is when I cook. The kitchen is never the right temperature because I am using the stove, burners and moving around. I work up quite a sweat. In the summer I am just dying for AC. I am always tempted to adjust the thermostat and crank the AC. I don’t want to disturb my husband though. He works from home and I think getting pounded with AC would be unpleasant. In the wintertime I want to lower the heating. When I feel the gush of heating come out of the vent, I am miserable. I typically cook in shorts and a tank top during the winter season. I have debated on closing the vent entirely and putting a mini split just in the kitchen. That way the whole house stays the same temperature but I can adjust the kitchen to what I want. There are smart thermostats that are run by phones. I could start the mini split right when I used my phone to turn on the oven. That way I have AC or less heating right when the space is heating up. I can then turn everything off together. Once the oven is off, I don’t need to be cooler in the space. It would be quite a bit of money to make that update though.

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Inside bakery saturday isn’t as fun

Once a week my husband and I do what we call bakery saturday. We take our bikes and ride to the local bakery. We each pick a baked good for Saturday and one for sunday. Saturday morning we then eat our baked goods on the porch with a cup of coffee. We chat for almost an hour and just watch our front yard. We can see cardinals, squirrels and an occasional wild turkey roaming around. Sometimes our cat even joins us and lays at our feet. We started a bakery on Saturday in the spring. Now it is wintertime and it is not as pleasant. I don’t want to ride my bike in the freezing cold and be outside. My husband and I now drive the car to the bakery and sit inside with the heater running. It is not as enjoyable honestly. Sitting on the porch seems fun and nice. Sitting on the couch just seems lazy. I don’t own a fireplace or a wood stove with a burning fire. My husband and I are literally looking at nothing while we chat. I think my husband likes it better. He has perfect temperature control and can lounge on the couch. I get bored really easily and the cat doesn’t even join us anymore. I know I need to push through this cold season. Once the heating system isn’t required anymore, I bet we can enjoy our porch time again. Inside the bakery Saturday is just not cutting it for me. I really like eating cookies on saturday so I am not ready to give up the tradition yet.

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Sassy smart thermostat does its own programs

I think I got a sassy smart thermostat when I bought one. I read online that the thermostats are smart in that they learn your heating and cooling behaviors. Also, the thermostat tries to set energy efficient temperatures for you. It is all to help you save money and be more convenient. I realized quickly that my thermostat isn’t being helpful, but being nasty to me. My thermostat really likes making a heating and cooling program that is awful. This winter I noticed that my thermostat just wasn’t heating the house from midnight to 3 am. Also around 3pm the thermostat decided to set my temperature at a super warm 78 degrees. It just randomly ups and lowers the temperature that I want. I have found that 74 degrees is my sweet spot. I want every room to be at that temperature all day long. If that means heating or cooling, it doesn’t matter. My thermostat disagrees with that. When I finally notice myself freezing or sweating, I need to go into my thermostat app and delete the made program. Is that energy efficiency or does the thermostat really think I like freezing at 3am? I haven’t heard of any other smart thermostat users with these difficulties. Twice a year I need to retrain my thermostat to 74 degrees all day long. I don’t want to be energy smart and save money. At the end of the day I just want to be comfortable at my desk and in my bed. I am willing to pay more money to have that comfort.

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Glad I changed to a smart thermostat

I have been redoing all the rooms in the house. I pick a space and totally revamp it. The bedrooms get new windows, carpets, paint and lights. I even change the outlet guts and switch plates. I want my house to look modern and brand new. I am now currently working in my hallway. I have changed the hallway runner to tile and painted the walls. The popcorn ceiling was scraped and sanded smooth. I paid extra to have recessed lighting and a smart smoke detector. The last touch was adding a better thermostat. I had a beige thermostat with a plastic toggle. You could change the temperature by moving it from the 60, 70, 80, and 90 degree range. There were no precise temperature settings and it was really easy to bump that toggle. I would frequently notice that the house felt super hot and realized that I hit the toggle to 90. Who would ever want that to start with? Anyway, I ripped out the old thermostat and replaced it with a modern smart thermostat. Now it is a silver thermostat with a blue innerface. I can gently turn the dial if I want to adjust my heating and cooling. What is really great is that I only do it from my phone now. I can lay in bed and decide I want to raise and lower the temperature. I get text alerts on air filter changes, humidity issues, energy efficient settings and the weather outside. My thermostat was such a good purchase. It looks great and functions even better.
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Made a mistake not doing heated flooring

The biggest mistake I ever made was not adding heated flooring to my house.

My husband and I bought a new house and had a few months before moving in.

We decided the right move would be to rip up the old carpet and put tile floors down. Nothing of ours was in the house yet. It was the perfect time. During the ripping up process I did some research and found this is the perfect time to put in heated flooring. You need to put electric heated mats on top of the cement board and then tile is placed over top. I talked to my husband about it and he nixed the idea. It was going to double our flooring budget. My husband said we live down south, how cold can it get? We also had a working heat pump system so it seemed pointless. We finished the flooring, moved in and our HVAC machine broke. It was so sad because we could have gotten away with just AC if we had done heated flooring. Instead we had to buy another heat pump and just deal with it. Our little house gets cold too, even with the heat pump. There are mornings that the tile feels icy cold on my feet. My husband wears socks constantly. I feel bad for him. I wish I would have pushed to have heated flooring. Now I have put rugs down on my brand new tile to make it feel a little warmer in the house. It wasn’t a great decision on our part.


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We need zone control for our temperature differences

My husband and I have always struggled with how to set our thermostat.

For a while it was the source of our biggest fights.

To put it simply, my husband wants AC and I want heating. It is never easy choosing a medium temperature. On chilly mornings my husband is in his glory. He feels we should just leave the thermostat at cooling and just deal with the morning chill. I want to start my day with heating and then just not have AC the rest of the day. I don’t mind the house being a little hot. My husband certainly does. We have looked into options to stop the fighting. Turns out there is a system that allows homeowners to set personalized temperature spots. There is HVAC zone control that works with any ductless system. You get multiple indoor air handlers in the house and mount them in each room. Every indoor air handler gets its own thermostat and connects to a single outdoor unit. With HVAC zone control a homeowner can set their bedroom to a low temperature and have the AC going but enjoy heating in the living room. Pretty neat right? Zone control is said to save money as well. You don’t need to worry about providing HVAC to unused rooms anymore. Also, not every room all day needs to have quality heating and air. My husband and I don’t even share a bedroom due to temperature preferences. It would be nice to have heating at night. My husband wouldn’t be bothered at all and I would only pay to heat my room.


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