The heating industry is cooling down now

Today is July 1st and the weather is still quite moderate.

I bet that this month is going to be a comfortable one and the real heat won’t be here till the start of July.

Usually July and September are the hottest months and then when November comes things start to cool down quite fast. I am wonderful with two months of heat because I used to live in the south back in the States and it would be sizzling for like six months, which would wear you down by the time November hit. Now my wonderful friend and I don’t need air conditioner until July and my wonderful friend and I don’t need to run the furnace until the end of December, and my wonderful friend and I only run the furnace for about two months during the wintertime. I like residing here and need to be here for my music venture, so I am learning to cherish the wonderful aspects of residing in this cool little beach village. A lot of the heating dealerships are closed for the Summer and the owners go off to other parts of the world to take a break from the Heating and A/C systems world. I keep laboring though and have fun here in the Summer because of all of the fun tourists that come here and raise the energy level. I do air conditioner repairs for patrons and also some duct repairs in the dealers in town, but I only do this task about 15 hours a week and dedicate the rest of my time to my music journey. I am off to the cooling supplier shop now.


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