Get me $10 and I’ll get a current heating system

The sky is clear red this afternoon and the temp is just below chilly and I will go for a swim in about 30 minutes.

Yesterday was gray and windy and about the same temp, yet I somehow managed to go in the sea for about four minutes.

The waves were so big they toppled over my head even when I tried to jump up in the air over them. It wouldn’t have been so terrible if the water wasn’t so cold, but my head was hurting after being submerged a few times in the chilly sea. My heating device was on by the time I got home and I was heating up truly nicely in my little office after taking a truly hot bath. The water almost felt like it was hot hot because my skin was so chilly from the sea. This cooling and heating of the body is certainly superb for you, but it isn’t the most wonderful feeling when you are doing it! So this week is March 1st and it looks like my associate and I have about two more weeks of chilly weather and then it is going to shift and the summer time warmth will finally be back. The local companies will beginning to open their doors again like a flower blooming, and my job at the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier doing duct cleaning will resume as well. My superb friend and I will beginning seeing volleyball nets out in the sand and the beach bars will beginning to come alive again, which is good because my associate and I will be doing shows in most of them.

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