Getting a small gas fireplace soon

I just heard my cats get into a fight with my roommate’s grumpy cat.

I’m not sure why but each time my flatmate comes home I hear the cats fight soon afterwards, almost as if she has them fight on purpose.

But I know she is just trying to get her cat around mine so it has some company, yet each time it is around them it attacks them out of fear. My two cats never try to pick a fight with hers and only want to be friends, but her cat carries anger inside and it comes out. Gas fireplace installation is also on my mind as today we are getting a small gas heater to keep us warm. I like fires but can’t have a normal fireplace in this flat because of the laws, but a small portable gas one is allowed as long as the flames are contained. We just want some fire to see on those cold winter nights when it gets dark out by 5:30 in the evening. Our main HVAC system gets a break on some of the cold nights because the gas heater does a good job of heating up the flat. Most of the time we don’t need any heat in the flat, but on those nights when the temps drop below freezing we need some kind of climate control system to keep us warm, and a gas fireplace does a great job of heating up the flat on most winter nights. We plan on having a few dinner parties with the new stove.

Heating tune up

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