Eight zone controlled systems to work on

It is 11:11 and I guess I am supposed to make a wish.

Some people are superstitious, like my old friend was, and believe that 11:11 brings good luck to those who make a wish at that time.

Well, I’ll give it a shot and make a wish for the three things I would like in life; love, health, prosperity. It is pretty much the same wish each time and I guess it is working because I seem to have an abundance of each in my life. I think good health is at the top, like my heating dealer always told me, before coming down with an illness and dying! Well, to her credit she was 87 years old when she died, which was a pretty good run for the old gal. She worked at the HVAC company selling zone controlled systems and introduced me to them when I was a new contractor in town. So now I specialize in them and have learned quite a bit about them over the years. I will be working on many zone control systems for some of the HVAC customers in town the next few weeks. I have a good helper and we can do one job in a matter of a few days, mainly cleaning them up and making sure they don’t have any leaks in the ductwork. So anyway, it looks like we have some rain coming soon and I want to go for a bike ride before that happens, so I’ll see you later when I return from the naturally climate controlled bike ride.
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