Sleepy day with good indoor air quality

The cats are all fat and happy now, but not until a bunch of food got tossed into their food bowls.

I wake up to three cats meowing and hungry, so the first thing I do in the morning is feed the hungry lions so they calm down.

They are really quiet during the night though, which is really nice as they are nocturnal animals and could raise all kinds of cane while we are trying to sleep. I have woken up a few times at night and found the cats sleeping in the middle of the night though. Air purifiers in my home keep the allergies at bay as they clean the air and give us some good indoor air quality. We have three of them and they do a great job, along with being really good white noise generators to help block out the sounds from the bars around us. This local business out back can get pretty loud, so having some type of noise filter really aids in sleeping well each night. The local contractor told me about these air purification systems and we ended up buying one at the HVAC company soon afterwards, which was so nice that we bought two more for the other rooms. They do a great job of grabbing the dust and cat dander so that nobody suffers from allergies in this flat. My heating tech buddy is going to be moving in with me in about two months and he is allergic to cats, so having good air purifiers is critical to him not suffering.

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