Cooling down outside with some rain

I was planning on playing music tonight but my bandmate is busy with other stuff so tonight is going to be a rest night, which is good because my body needs some more rest.

I’ve been kind of overdoing the music and sports and my body is telling me to slow down a bit.

I’ve worn out a lot of my body parts, either breaking bones or wearing out joints from too many sports or whatever, and my body now is a bit slower than it used to be. But I guess after 55 years of abuse, just like the heating rep friend of mine who just got new knees, my body is starting to slow down a bit and I need to save some for my HVAC tech work each week. I feel like Evel Kenievl, the stuntman who broke pretty much every bone in his body, and when he was my age he was pretty much done. I have messed up my knees from lifting HVAC systems up flights of stairs for many years, along with a lot of knee bending doing ductwork cleaning for the company. I will try to take care of my body now and hopefully it will last another few years so I can live a bit more life before shutting down. I would like to do more HVAC system repairs and need some good knees to do so, as my heating supplier friend can attest. I did live a fun life though, so in the end I hope that I am satisfied with the life I lived.

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