Excited for a/c and the upcoming summer

I feel like a caterpillar in a cocoon waiting to turn into a butterfly this summer.

I’ve been a performing artist since 2005 and I feel that this summer is going to be the start of some really cool shows finally. I never would have thought that I would become a singer and drummer after getting into standup comedy so heavily for so many years. But life can throw you a curveball just when you thought you knew your path in life. I think in 2025 our band is going to be ready to take our show to local businesses around the country, playing in air conditioned luxury and traveling around in a nice RV with a great HVAC system. I think after 20 years of hard work I will finally reap some of the rewards and also have some fun in the process. I always thought when I was a local contractor in the HVAC industry that I would be stuck doing that job for the rest of my life, but just when it seemed like I was locked in I took the chance and got on stage in 2005 to try something crazy. My friends pushed me to do it and I have them to thank, and I have myself to thank for sticking with it so long. Hard work is always rewarded, as I found out when I was a new contractor doing duct cleaning and repairs. Now my hard work in showbiz is starting to show some signs of payoff and I am so happy about it all.

New contractor

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