Today we run both heating and cooling

Today is a new day for my EV stocks.

  • Last night there was a vote and it passed, which means that after nine years the company will finally start producing electric cars in four more weeks.

It is going to be interesting to see what happens to this 58 cent stock now. It could literally skyrocket this month to $5 if people start jumping on board and a short squeeze ensues. I just want to get back to $10, which is where the price was when I bought it a year ago with my dad’s inheritance money. His HVAC company was sold and they gave each kid money, which I should have put into a heating and cooling technology stock or the bank instead. It went from about $10.50 to $0.24 in less than a year and I felt so bad for losing what my dad worked so hard for, but it could come back now. My dad’s heating and cooling company made a lot of money with all of the HVAC sales and service work, and in ten more years we will all be sitting pretty. But for now, I feel like a fool throwing away his money, but then again the whole market has gone down so I am not alone. Anyway, March is going to be a heating and a/c month since the weather is going to go from cold to hot in the next few weeks. I can’t wait for the warm weather so we can start doing our shows out in the beach bars.



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