Looking for source of heat underground

I’m not sure if you’ve been following the news as closely as I have, but we’re in the midst of scary times for sure.

I try not to let the news bother me too much, however, it can be difficult to tune out all the bad information and carry on as if the world makes sense right now.

There is a lot to be wary of, and one of my biggest concerns is the availability of energy and resources to residents who fall below the top percentile of wealth in our country. I honestly fear that we will not have the utilities and supplies we need in the near future. One of my biggest concerns is the availability of energy. That’s why I’ve been looking into transitioning my home lighting and HVAC system to be powered by natural resources. It turns out that it’s possible to have your entire heating and cooling system powered for free using mother nature as an energy source, rather than relying on the big electric companies for all times. That’s how I started looking into closed loop energy circuits for my own property. The system works by tapping into a natural underground water source and transferring energy to and from your home to heat and cool the residence. It’s such a simple system, and it erases the need for expensive monthly bills. I’ve had contractors buzzing around my yard for hours, searching for an underground energy source so my central heating and cooling can be independently controlled, not to mention, so I can save big time on my energy bills.


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