We are Looking for the Most Efficient HVAC Brand Out There

Well, the time has come to replace our old HVAC unit and we have been looking at the best HVAC brands with the highest SEER ratings.

I don’t want to have to cringe each time the power bill comes so I am going to get the best brand with the highest efficiency and not have to worry about turning on the unit to keep us comfortable.

I saved a lot of money over the past few years and can get a really good unit soon. I want the best smart thermostat money can buy and I also want zoned cooling and heating for our house as we only use certain rooms during certain times of the day. I just want to program it one time and then not have to worry about adjusting it anymore. I think we can get it installed next month while the weather is still mild and before the heat of the summer comes back again. I want something that can remove the humidity from the house and also something that can clean the air very well. I may even need to buy a whole home air purifier because we get a lot of traffic down our road and sometimes I can smell the fumes from the buses and cars as they pass. We keep the windows open sometimes for fresh air and maybe just need to keep them closed and run the fan on the HVAC unit. I will make sure we have a HEPA filter in the system too because they catch lots of the smells.

zone control

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