Mom’s House Has the Best Whole Home Heating System

I need to ask my mom what brand of heater she has for her house because it really warms the place up fast when it is very cold outside.

I know they spent a lot of money on it but it is so efficient that I bet it has saved them a lot of money since they bought it several years ago.

I think they have an electric heat pump, but I need to ask them because I’ve heard that the geothermal heat pumps are even more efficient. My friend told me about geothermal heat pumps as he sells them at his work but I need to make sure he is giving me the correct info because he is a little biased towards that type of heat pump as you may guess. I may go today to the store that sells them and ask them directly which type is the most efficient. I have a gas heater in my house, which was put in place of the old oil heater that we once had but got tired of dealing with all of the maintenance and problems with it since it was really old. I think today I am going to clean the filters in all of my equipment in the house that has a filter because I have been getting a lot of allergies lately and I think the culprit is dust. I have HEPA filters in everything except for the exhaust fan in the kitchen, which I don’t think can be replaced with a HEPA filter. Today is a busy day.

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