Cleaning the Cooling Equipment at Mom’s Beach House

I told my HVAC tech friend about my mom’s AC compressor rusting outside and he told me we need to rinse it down every day when it is windy because it blows the salt air around more. I didn’t even think about something like this but it does make sense so I am going to get mom and dad to rinse it each windy day with water from the garden hose. I bet it will help a lot with the rusting problem they are having with all of the air conditioning compressors they have had installed over the past several years. They live very close to the Gulf of Mexico and when the wind is blowing and the waves are crashing, the salt spray travels with the help of the wind and gets onto the AC compressor in their backyard. I’ve noticed salt spray on my car before when I parked it at their house for the weekend so it does make sense. It’s not just the air conditioner that rusts on these houses but anything that is outside and is metal is usually rusty too. I would like to clean her house too while we are spraying the AC unit because she has a lot of metal screws and fasteners around the house that could rust too if sprayed too many times with the salt water. This is one of the drawbacks of living close to the ocean but it is worth it in the end. I will go buy a HEPA filter today for my mom and replace her old AC filter with it.



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