A New Ceiling Fan Made all the Difference in the World

The air conditioning in my bedroom wasn’t cooling me down very well so my cousin bought a new ceiling fan because the old one was dying and barely doing anything to cool me down. This new ceiling fan feels like a hurricane in the bedroom so now my room is nice and cool and I am sleeping a lot better because of it. I think there are way too many vents in this house and the air handler isn’t strong enough to push air sufficiently throughout the house. I am not really sure if it is because her compressor is too small or the air handler isn’t big enough but we ended up closing a few of the vents and the problem seems to be solved. There are a total of nine vents in this 1200 SF house and to me that seems like too many for a house this size. I’m not an HVAC tech or anything but if you put your hand up to the vent in my bedroom you can barely feel the air flowing from it. I guess I could always seal off a few of the vents and patch up the ceiling, that shouldn’t take too long to do. I guess we should have bought a bigger air handler or air conditioning compressor and then the nine vents wouldn’t be an issue. I think I will get my HVAC specialist friend to come over and take a look at it, I’m sure he will know how to solve the problem. He’s been working in the field forever.

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