Worried about heating system failure

When our husband and I moved our family across the country, I was not sure what to expect; We’d spent our entire lives in an area with actually moderate weather, but both of us were able to handle year round temperature control with a heat pump; Even in the middle of the winter, the temperature never dropped below frigid and we never encountered snow, but now and then, we’d experience some frost, in our new location, the Wintertide weather is downright brutal, however there’s no way a heat pump could handle the sub zero temperature; Our home is now equipped with a boiler heating system that attachs to a combination of radiant floors and baseboard heaters.

The method is powerful enough to keep the house nice and warm when its drawback twenty degrees outside.

It maintains a actually even comfort, operates quietly and provides zoned control. The boiler doesn’t offer any capacity for cooling, but we don’t absolutely need it. The summer time season is super short and usually rainy and cold. A window a/c in each dining room is adequate. Our priority is particularly the heating method and I live in constant fear of it failing. I don’t want to be without heat in the middle of a December snowstorm. Because of that, I take actually nice care of the boiler. I’ve enrolled in a service agreement with a local Heating and A/C supplier. I chose this particular supplier because they offer 24/7 emergency services with no overtime fees. They sit behind their job performance with 100% joy guarantee and all of their workers are NATE-certified.


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