I appreciate getting HEPA filters for our central air conditioner during dust sensitivity season

I have a membership with an online retailer that offers free multiple-day shipping along with an on demand streaming service for all of its members.

These services were more consistent before COVID started.

I always got our packages within the time frame given when I went to checkout. Nowadays it’s not a guarantee, even if they provide you a date before you put the item in your shopping cart. I tried to order a bottle of Gold Bond ultra-healing lotion from their marketplace this afternoon. It’s winter, our skin is dried out, in addition to this is the only lotion that absolutely works for long term use. At first the website said that I’d get a guaranteed delivery by tomorrow if I ordered by noon. When I got to checkout just moments later, it changed to saying I’d get a delivery within many afternoons of whatever our ship date ends up being. First they guaranteed a same afternoon shipping, then just hours later they were saying same afternoon shipping wasn’t guaranteed, nor will they confirm tomorrow as the ship date. It’s ridiculous, however after receiving our discounted order of HEPA style air conditioner filters yesterday, I can only complain so much. These filters block viral particles from circulating throughout our lake house via our ventilation. If someone visits in addition to slips their mask off while I’m not looking, I don’t have to be afraid that our Heating in addition to A/C plan is possibly contaminated. Those viral particles are alive for up to more than two afternoons, so I don’t want to take any chances. By ordering our filters through that website, I get a substantial discount.

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