You should always be saving for big purchases like HVAC units

I honestly don’t understand why more people don’t prepare for big purchases like a new HVAC unit.

I am a financial advisor.

This means that I like to help people to prepare to become financially independent and prosperous. One of the things that I am constantly telling people is that they need to save for larger emergency purchases. Without that money in savings, you might be extremely unprepared for an emergency, which can cause debt or massive issues in the future. For instance, I want to imagine having trouble with your HVAC units. Everyone has trouble with their HVAC unit at some point, and nobody likes it. Usually, you have to call an HVAC technician, and HVAC technicians charge a lot of money for HVAC repairs in your home. Nobody wants to be unprepared for a large repair for their HVAC unit. However, things could actually get worse. What would you do if the HVAC technician told you that you had to replace your HVAC unit altogether. Many of us do not have enough money in savings to replace an HVAC unit even though you usually have to replace your HVAC unit every 10-15 years. We should always be saving for our new HVAC unit so that when the time comes, we can replace your HVAC unit without any issue. I would highly recommend saving for your HVAC unit and other big purchases like that in the future. If you can replace your HVAC unit right now, then you can also afford any HVAC repairs that your HVAC unit might need. With inflation and the economy, it never hurts to be prepared.



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