Today I Need to Retrofit an Air Conditioning Filter

I also need to workout and paint the outside of the house but I have plenty of time to get the painting job done so it’s all good.

The reason I need to retrofit this AC filter is that they made the air handler custom fit to go into this small closet and didn’t have a lot of room to do so.

The size for the filter in the air handler is 17.5 by 22 inches, which is an odd size, seeing that a lot of them are 16 by 20, so I will need to make some kind of a frame to hold the smaller standard filter size. Once I am done with that HVAC system filter work I am going to workout in the garage for a bit and then head out to paint the outside of the house once the weather cools off a bit. I have about five more days of work on the outside paint job and then I am going to move over to my stepmom’s house for a week to paint the inside of her house. I think she also has some work she wants me to do on the electric furnace because she said it wasn’t heating very well last year and wants it ready for the next winter. My dad used to work on it but now that he is gone I am the second person in charge of it as he taught me everything I know about working on HVAC systems. I am going to eat a sub and get to work. See ya.

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