One of the Best Comedy Specials Ever Made

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve done standup comedy for 17 years and I have seen a ton of so-called comedians perform live in front of me.

I’ve also watched a lot of comedy and studied it very astutely. One of the best comics I’ve seen was George Carlin and his best special, in my opinion, was the special called Again from 1978. Check out his bit called “Time” if you don’t want to watch the whole special and look at his acting skills along with his comedy. He was the best back then before he got grumpy. My HVAC company owner has been doing comedy since I started, and he has made it a good career for him with both television and radio performances. I’ve not been so successful, but have had many great memories from it. I’m going to visit my buddy today at the local business to see if he wants to come to my mom’s house this weekend and watch that special with us. I think it is an hour and twenty minutes long and is packed with a lot of funny moments that I have never forgotten since watching it so long ago. Maybe my friend can come by early and help me clean my mom’s air conditioner before we watch the special. I think we could get it done pretty quickly and maybe even go for a walk on the beach to catch the sunset. My mom lives very close to the beach and has a problem with the salt air rusting the air conditioner compressor outside.



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