Dinner and Movie Night at Mom’s House

This is one of the things I miss the most about living overseas; dinner and movie night sleepovers at my parent’s house.

  • Well, I am here now and I am going to do it tonight so I’m not missing it now, but when I go back overseas I’ll be missing it again.

You can never get enough time with mom, and one day it’ll be gone and just a memory, so enjoy it and savor every moment with her. I think we are going to watch a George Carlin special from 1979, which is one of my favorite ones. The HVAC system at my mom’s house keeps us nice and comfortable while we all hang out in the living room and enjoy our time together. When you live overseas and come back to visit you realize how special these times are with your family. They have a gas fireplace that we run while hanging out during the winter holidays, making our Christmas time even more special. It reminds me of those old days when people would stay warm around the wood burning fireplace with stockings hanging from the mantle. We don’t chop wood anymore to stay warm but still enjoy watching the flames dance around the fake wood that looks like it is on fire. It’s much cleaner and easier having a gas fireplace while still keeping warm with the heat that it puts out. If it gets really cold out then we just turn on the central heater and we are warm within a few minutes. Technology is the best.

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