Can’t Wait for Our Fish Dinner Tonight at my Buddy’s House

I have a busy day today with work but once I am done we are in for a good fish dinner this evening at my friend’s house. He works at a school and teaches HVAC repairs to students and has known me for most of my life. He sometimes helps me with working on my HVAC system when I have a problem and, in return, I help him with painting his house when he needs it. I also was a roofing contractor so when he has a roof leak I usually come over there and fix it for him. He just got a brand new HVAC unit with a very high SEER rating and I want to ask him what his power bill was last month because we had a really high bill and I am wondering if we need to replace our unit soon. We have saved some money over the past few years for things like this and if we need to get a new one soon it won’t break us. I may get a gas furnace next time because we have an old oil furnace and it smells quite a bit when it is heating the house. It seems like there is something leaking and making a burning smell so maybe it is time to just get a new unit and be done with all of this. I am also tired of worrying about getting the oil tank outside filled when it is low as it is a small tank and runs out of oil pretty quickly.


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